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15 December 2009 @ 12:22 am

'Tis the season for giving and for receiving, after all. ;) And it's not like the Vanderbilts are coming back anytime soon. So request for fics and graphics here and a kindly fairy godmother/Santa might grant your wish!

Prompts could be anything and everything. Be creative as you want with the characters. Pairings involving Nate and the Buckleys are welcomed, as well as those with other characters as long as there's a Vanderbilt involved.

The meme is open until the second week of January.

We hope everyone enjoys their holidays!

P.S. imp3ratrix and I would like to thank whoever anonymously gave the comm a snowflake cookie. ♥ We'd really like to know who you are!
06 October 2009 @ 10:55 pm
If you wish to affiliate with van_der_bilts, please comment here.

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06 October 2009 @ 01:35 pm

Welcome to van_der_bilts!

This community is dedicated to the high and mighty Vanderbilts; the classiest family to ever grace the world according to Gossip Girl. We heartily welcome any fiction, graphics, videos, discussions (anything, really) pertaining to members of this illustrious family, and the brilliant actors that play them.

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